Plating a natural form

On Tuesday I visited Frances Carlile with several other friends. Frances is an artist printmaker and sculptor. One of the pieces she showed us was a sculptural representation of a house made from blackthorn branches. We had been discussing some of the research that I have been doing into copper plating 3D printed objects. This led to us talking about the potential for plating natural objects and what advantages there might be in doing this. Here are some photographs of my experiments with plating blackthorn twigs. Plating does not appear to impact on the natural look of the twigs. Copper plating can be soldered making it easy to build with and the construction is stable and permanent.

thorn1 thorn2 thorn3 thorn4 leaf1

5 thoughts on “Plating a natural form”

    1. And so very tactile. I’ve got some more in the plating set up so I can have some to play with myself. I sent the original to Frances.

    1. Yes, I’m really excited by the possibilities. Problem at the moment is making the time to explore them! The sculpting possibilities are very seductive.

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